The Village of Ljukovo – Home to Our New School of Life


Ljukovo If you head to the north of Serbia, you will come across the idyllic little municipality of Indjija immediately after Belgrade. Due to its position, this municipality is a very attractive location for economic investments, which is why it ranks among the more developed municipalities in Serbia.


The Village of Ljukovo

However, even though India is not counted among devastated municipalities, 222 children are waiting to be enrolled in kindergarten, and there are currently 117 children enrolled over the norm. 

Even though a large number of children in India is encompassed by the excellent care of Preschool Institution Bosko Buha, the number of children aged 3 to 5.5 with access to preschool education has not increased in the past two years. Local government representatives say that the main reason is insufficient capacities of buildings that are used for preschool education purposes.

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The largest number of children who do not go to kindergarten is found in the village of Ljukovo.

Out of 96 children that live in Ljukovo, only a quarter of them goes to kindergarten. For this reason, our Foundation decided to open its 13th School of Life in this place.

education for children from rural areas

Our Foundation has been conducting the Schools of Life – Together for Childhood project since 2013, with the goal of enabling access to quality preschool education for children from rural areas aged 3-5.5, who were not enrolled in any educational programs so far, for various reasons. We are conducting the project in cooperation with CIP – Centre for Interactive Pedagogy as a strategic partner, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

So far, we have opened Schools of Life in 12 municipalities – Ljig, Raška, Knić, Kraljevo, Merošina, Vladičin Han, Šid, Lučani, Pećinci, Vladimirci, Odžaci, and Mačvanski Prnjavor.

A big part of our achievements is our close cooperation with the local authorities. They help us find premises not currently in use that we can renovate and adapt to children’s needs. In this case, the municipality of Indjija helped us find a space in the Petar Kočić primary school which could be used to open a new School of Life.

Adaptation of these premises, which used to be a home of a teacher from Ljukovo, is well underway, as well as the provision of the necessary furniture, teaching aids and materials.

The School of Life will also receive a new playground!

Thanks to great support by our renowned fashion designer Roksanda Ilinčić and Rotary Club International Amsterdam, our other donors Henkel Serbia brand Ceresit and PVH Holding GmbH, the funds we raised during the Season of Giving, as well as contributions and cooperation with the municipality of Inđija, children aged 3-5.5 from Ljukovo will have the opportunity to go to kindergarten.

A part of our donation was also invested in professional improvement and training of teachers which is conducted by the CIP – Centre for Interactive Pedagogy. In this manner, we also offer the best quality and most modern preschool program to all future generations from this area, in addition to a stimulating learning environment.

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By opening the new School of Life, we will additionally support the economic development of Indjija, because by investing in quality early education – we invest in a better future for all of us.

By giving the children the opportunity to go to a kindergarten in their place of residence, we also encourage parents to stay and live in the village of Ljukovo. With this expansion of capacities for preschool education, we will significantly shorten the waiting lists for enrolment into kindergartens and enable the future generations from this area to grow in an environment that is stimulating for learning and playing and to develop their full potential.

We are very much looking forward to the opening of our 13th School of Life! Please keep following our blog and social media to stay up to date with the progress of construction and the final opening. We love sharing every piece of our work with you because all this is possible thanks to your belief in our mission