New Roommate Rules During Coronavirus 2020


Roommate Coronavirus restrictions are still in place, which means you’ve got to keep yourself safe by staying home. To maintain your sanity and make sure you and your roommates are doing your part to stay healthy and safe, you’ve got to lay down a few new rules at home.


Social Distancing with Roommates

1. Stay inside

Staying home is extremely important during the coronavirus pandemic. It will help keep you, your roommates and others safe from infection by slowing the spread of the virus. If you do need to leave for any reason, like going to the grocery store, take precautions.

Wear a mask and gloves, take hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with you, and don’t touch your face until you’ve safely made it home and washed up. When you get home, disinfect things you bought just in case they’re carrying germs.

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2. Stay 6 feet apart

Although you live in the same house, try to maintain social distancing standards with your roommates. You can still do almost everything you normally would while staying six feet apart, whether you’re cooking, eating or watching TV.

3. Clean

Keep your place clean and disinfect it frequently. Take turns cleaning common areas, and each of you should do your part to clean up after yourselves. Wipe down counters, tables, doorknobs, sinks, toilets and other high-traffic surfaces with disinfectant wipes.

Also, keep yourself clean — you’re not going anywhere, but you still need to shower and have good hygiene. Wash your hands often and keep hand sanitizer handy. Doing these things will keep germs from spreading and lower your risk of getting sick.

4. Don’t have people over

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you should let others in. Only the people you live with should be at your place. Don’t allow friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, other family members or anyone else to come into your house. You don’t know where they’ve been or if they’ve been in contact with someone who has coronavirus.

It’s harsh, but it’s necessary to protect yourself and your roommates from getting infected. Make sure you and your roommates are in agreement on this so they don’t let their friends and family come over, either.

5. Open communication

Being holed up with your roommates for weeks on end, you’ll probably start to notice things and get annoyed with each other. Make sure you communicate openly. Let your roommates know how you’re feeling each day and ask them how they’re doing.

If there’s something bothering you, tell them so you can resolve the problem together. Or if you’re feeling down, let them know so they understand that you’re struggling and can help you and tell them you’re there to help if they’re feeling the same.

Stay out of your Roommates

6. Set boundaries

Do your best to stay out of your roommates’ way when needed and talk to them about doing the same. If you or your roommates are working from home, go over your work schedules so you each know what hours you’ll be working and know not to bother each other.

Set rules about noise levels, too — talk about times when it’s appropriate to watch a movie or listen to music with the volume turned up loud or if you need to put in headphones and keep it down.

7. Give each other alone time

Give your roommates some space, and set aside time to be alone and relax each day, especially if you’re feeling annoyed with them or overwhelmed altogether. Take a few minutes to meditate, read or watch a TV show by yourself to decompress and get your thoughts in line.

Make sure you (kindly) communicate with your roommates that you’d like to be alone so they know not to bother you for a bit. Afterward, you’ll be much calmer, and you’ll be able to handle the day better.