Best Indian Breakfast Recipes for Kids


Kids who eat breakfast tend to make healthier choices when it comes to food in general and have more energy to burn, making them more likely to take part in different activities.


Those who do not eat breakfast tend to become hungry by mid-morning and as a result, snack or overeat. This leads to weight issues. So, breakfast essentially helps keep your child’s weight in check.

Indian Breakfast Ideas and Recipes for Children

Here we have a list of 20 nutritious breakfast recipes for kids, ranging from delicious Maharashtrian breakfast recipes for kids to breakfast ideas for toddlers:

1. Chopped Dosa Masala

Dosas are made with rice and urad dal, making it a complete meal for vegetarians. Giving your children dosas for breakfast is a great idea, but what if your kid gets fed up with the same old? Give her this chopped up dosa masala mix for a change and see how she likes it.

2. Carrot Uttapam

Carrots are high in fibre and are very good for the eyes. Plus, they have that added bonus of being a very pretty orange colour and a sweet taste.

3. Veggie-Stuffed Paratha

Parathas are loved by everyone, old and young. Even so, if you try giving it to your child with a plain old sabzi, it is probably not going to go down well. Instead, stuffing the sabzi into the roti makes it delicious and more inviting.

4. Eggy Veggie Bread Strips

Easy and healthy, this recipe requires minimal effort. Just prepare it and allow your toddler to practice eating on her own.

5. Instant Oats Dosa

Oats are extremely strengthening, but sadly, most children do not enjoy eating them when prepared in the same boring way. With this Instant oats dosa, your child will be gobbling it down, all complaints forgotten.

6. Broken Wheat, Oats and Apple Porridge

Another delicious way to get your child to eat oats is to turn them into something that makes her think of dessert. Try out this broken wheat, oats and apple porridge for a nutrition-packed breakfast.

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7. Banana Walnut Pancakes

Pancakes are good, but banana pancakes are even better! Children love pancakes, and utilising them as a way of getting your kids to eat fruits is not only smart but also scrumptious. You can always use different fruits to make it different for your kids every time.

 8. Almond Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are great for those rushed mornings when you don’t have enough time to prepare anything healthy for your child. Milk is a source of calcium that will help your child have a strong body. Here’s how you can make a delicious smoothie using milk.

9. Papaya Mango Smoothie

Another delicious smoothie for the books! Mangoes are fibrous fruits that aid digestion and papayas are packed with vitamins A and C.

10. Grilled Banana Chocolate Sandwich

Bananas are good for the heart, the eyes, and overall health. Combine bananas with chocolate, and you have a winner in the eyes of your child!