8 Fun Ways to Effective Workout with Your Baby


It’s so important to get baby moving—and to keep mom and dad moving, too! Here are some great ways to “workout” together.

some great ways to workout


Stretch it Out

Every good workout begins with stretches—and baby can be a part of that!

As you stretch, place baby somewhere where you can make eye contact, so you can interact with them while you stretch. Count the seconds out loud so they can hear your voice. If baby is old enough, have them stretch with you!

Meet Baby Halfway

As you do sit-ups, place baby laying on their back against your legs (if they have the strength to sit up on their own, then just let them sit up on your midsection, as pictured below). Place your hands on baby for support so they don’t fall. When you come up and make eye contact, make a silly face at them!

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Baby Lifts

Do this exercise only if baby is able to independently support their head. While you are either standing, sitting on an exercise ball, or squatting, lift baby to your head height, or slightly higher. Be sure to lift gently and only in a position where you feel steady. Repeat lifting baby up and down, and twist from side-to-side to work different areas of your core.

Face-to-Face Tummy Time

While baby gets Tummy Time in, lay on the ground on your stomach, facing them. Do push-ups as your face them, and interact with them every time you return to eye level.

Tummy Time Hold

Get on your back, and lift your legs in a table top position so the lower half of your legs create a flat surface for baby to lay on (see below image).

Place baby on your legs tummy side down; they can get Tummy Time, and you can practice balancing and, if able, do light crunches so your face gets closer to baby. Always keep hands on baby for safety and support.

Stroll Around Town

This exercise is a walk in the park—literally!  Take baby out for a stroll to a place that has pleasant surroundings—relatively quiet, little traffic, and anything else that is suitable for your child. Try doing lunges while your walk, doing jumps, or varying your pace.

Crawl Race

As your baby becomes a more confident crawler, get on all fours yourself and “race” them to different objects!

Dance party

As baby begins to move more independently, have a dance party with them to get you both moving!