7 Fun DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day That Kids Can Make


Day But when you’re making gifts with your kids, things don’t always turn out how you’d like them to. Here are a few DIY Mother’s Day gifts that are easy to make and will turn out great, even if the kids are the creators.


Few DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Marbled jewelry dish

The best gifts are those that can be seen and used every single day. Your mom will proudly display this jewelry dish every day and she’ll be amazed that it’s homemade.

  1. Get a few different colors of polymer clay and combine small portions of each color.
  2. Smash them together and roll them into a ball that’s one to one-and-a-half inches tall.
  3. Using a rolling pin (or round drinking glass if you don’t have a rolling pin) to flatten out the clay until it’s about a fourth of an inch thick.
  4. Cut it into the shape of your choice (circle, heart, star, etc.), making sure it’s about three inches in diameter.
  5. Turn a metal muffin tray upside down and place the clay shape over one of the bumps.
  6. Bake it in the oven according to the instructions on the package of your polymer clay.
  7. Once it’s finished baking, let it cool before removing the jewelry dish from the muffin tray. As an optional finishing touch, paint the edges of the clay with a metallic color like gold or silver.

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2. Customized coasters

Mom doesn’t like rings worn into the table from drinking glasses, so she’ll gladly receive this gift!

  1. Get plain cork coasters in any shape and use acrylic paint to give them some life. Kids can use a paintbrush to create their own design or you can make it a little less messy by giving them stencils and stamps.
  2. To make it even more personal, have the kids use their handprint to decorate the coaster or create designs with their fingerprints.

3. Painted canvas tote

Get out your acrylic paints again for this super simple and usable gift.

  1. Paint and stamp designs on a canvas tote so that mom can show off her kid’s artwork wherever she goes.
  2. You can even help the kids write a heartfelt message on the bag so their mom has a constant reminder of how much she’s loved.

4. Melted bead suncatcher

Give mom something she can hang in the kitchen and enjoy for years to come.

  1. Using an assortment of translucent plastic pony beads, help the kids create designs in the bottom of muffin tins. Make sure each tin only has one layer of beads in the bottom to ensure it melts correctly.
  2. Put the tray in the oven at 400 degrees and keep an eye on the beads. Remove the tray once the beads are melted together (this should take no more than 10 minutes) and let it cool.
  3. Once completely cooled, pop the plastic pieces out of the muffin tin and drill a small hole at the top of each one.
  4. Use clear fishing line to tie all of the pieces together and hang them from a painted wire hanger.

5. Painted candle holder

These are easy and quite unique. Not every mom has a glass candle votive that was made by her own child!

  1. Get clear glass candle votives (you can use one shape and size or mix it up and use various sizes and shapes) and glass paint.
  2. Just help the kids create designs on each votive using a paintbrush and the glass paint.
  3. Let it dry and you’re done! You’ve got customized candle holders that mom is sure to love.

6. Handprint apron

Once mom puts on this apron, the kids will be happy she loves it and proud they made it for her. It might even get her a little more help while preparing meals! You can’t go wrong with this quick and easy DIY project.

  1. Choose a canvas apron in any solid color.
  2. Using a paintbrush, stamps or little fingers and hands, add designs on the apron with acrylic paint.
  3. Let the paint dry and you’re good to go!

7. Custom tumbler

Perhaps the most difficult of all DIY gifts, it may require you to pull out the camera and get a good picture of the kiddos.

  1. Once you’ve snapped a picture or two that everyone likes, print them out.
  2. Put them inside of a clear customizable tumbler (available online or at most local craft stores) and fill it up with a few of mom’s favorite treats.
  3. If you don’t want to use a picture, just have the kids draw or paint something instead. It will still convey the same sentiment!

If you love the idea but are short on creative skills, you can also order a pre-customized version online.